NEW! Oilman Jim's Special Trading Course

There are many books and courses on investing and trading, but hardly any that address the actual peculiarities of the speculative small cap markets.  The few that do exist deal only with the North American markets, which operate in quite different ways to the UK.  What does exist is quite useless for AIM and the London small cap market.  


Investment techniques which are suitable for main markets and large companies are not appropriate to AIM and most of those that try to apply them lose, and often a lot.  It's a completely different game.  There’s virtually no genuinely beneficial information out there about trading AIM and small cap companies.  Hence I decided to write this course.  


I cover everything you won't read elsewhere, particularly subjects which others either don't understand, or even know about, or even if they do, are unwilling to talk about openly.  I set out exactly how it all works in detail.  Exactly how the insiders make their profits.  And how you can profit too.  I explain all the things that no one else can or will and all the secrets the insiders don't want you to know.  Lots of money can be made if you know how it all actually works, and what goes on behind the scenes may be completely different to what you think.   The course will be useful to all trading the AIM and small cap markets, not just oil stocks.  I believe most will find it eye-opening.


I’ve been involved in the markets for a long time.  I bought my first shares in the 1970s and I’ve worked in the financial sector since the early 1980s.  My particular knowledge is of the stock markets and I’ve been actively involved in these, both in the UK and the US for over 40 years from both sides of the fence.  I’ve also had significant involvement in the oil and gas industry along the way, from drilling wells to negotiating farm-outs to majors.  


Subjects I cover in the course include shorting (and the various ways this is done), naked shorting (and how it’s guaranteed profit for some), forward selling, market abuse (in its many forms), promotion (exactly how it works whether via traditional media, social media, IR/PR companies, brokers, bulletin boards, commentators, paid for opinion, interviews, web sites, messaging and emails) and financing (including placings, subscriptions, convertible financing and investor sharing agreements).  I’m not expecting you to do any of the dodgy stuff described, but it’s important to know about it.   I address ways of trading (including conventional and extended settlement) and the use of CFDs and spread betting (plus their advantages and disadvantages).  In addition, I explain how to see through these companies to understand what they really are and who’s actually in charge (it’s not always the CEO or the Board).  I also explain who the “institutions” involved in the financings actually are (most are nothing like what the name implies), how many don’t even have to put up any cash, and much, much more.  I think there will be something for everyone to learn here.


It's not theory in this course, rather how it all actually works in the real world, keeping it practical and realistic, so that everyone can use the information for their own advantage regardless of the level of their trading or investment.


Remember, small cap speculative companies exist to enrich their insiders, not their investors, and everything those involved do is for their benefit, not yours.  The vast majority lose with these companies, but for the scheme to work, some investors have to profit, and you can be one of those too.


There are 10 parts over 10 weeks at £19.50 per part and, if you don't like it, you can cancel payments at any time.


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