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Reabold Resources - Update on Market Volatility

Reabold, the AIM investing company which focuses on investments in pre-cash flow upstream oil and gas projects, notes the following with respect to current volatile market conditions relating to COVID-19.

A fundamental aspect of the Reabold business model is to participate in projects which have low development and operating costs, thereby reducing sensitivity to the oil price. As announced on 26 February 2020, the cash operating costs of Reabold California are US$13 per barrel of oil equivalent, meaning production in California continues to be profitable and to generate positive free cash flow at current oil prices.

Reabold's expected work programme for 2020 is fully-funded by cash already invested into the operating businesses.  The programme includes the testing of West Newton A-2, the drilling of two wells at West Newton B, the testing of IM-1 and the drilling of IM-2 in Romania, and the drilling of additional wells in California.  We believe that these projects remain highly economic at current oil prices.

In addition, Reabold currently has in excess of £6 million in cash beyond the cash invested into the operating entities to fund the 2020 work programme, which is available and uncommitted at this time. Reabold and its investee companies are financially robust under current market conditions and Reabold is in a position to potentially take advantage of acquisition and investment opportunities that these conditions present.

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