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Independent Oil & Gas - Statement:Joint Administrators to LCF Bondholders

IOG plc ("IOG" or the "Company"), the development and production company focused on becoming a substantial UK gas producer, has been informed that the Joint Administrators of London Capital & Finance Plc (in administration) ("LCF") issued an update to LCF Bondholders after market close on Friday 29th November 2019.

We have been told that the statement will be uploaded later today to

It is understood that the statement refers to IOG in the following terms:

"Some Bondholders have asked about the value of London Oil & Gas Limited's ('LOG') interest in Independent Oil & Gas plc ('IOG').  As previously explained, the Joint Administrators of LOG will continue to take expert, independent professional advice on a strategy designed to achieve the best outcome for its lender LCF, and hence for the LCF Bondholders, in a reasonable timeframe and in line with the orderly market restrictions.  At present, our advice is that the share price is currently at a significant discount to IOG's estimated net asset value.  By way of illustration, if LOG were to realise its entire interest in IOG at a share price of 30p, the estimated total recoveries for LOG would be approximately £83m, before costs, while at a share price of 40p the estimated total recoveries would be approximately £106m, before costs. Bondholders should be aware, however, that there can be no certainty as to the return, if any, that will ultimately be achieved."

Andrew Hockey, CEO of IOG, commented:

"Since the Joint Administrators of LOG took on what appears to be a very challenging administration process, we have developed a very constructive working relationship with them in order to facilitate their understanding of our business.  This recent statement provides some helpful clarity as to the Joint Administrators' approach to their stake in IOG and they understand that the fundamental value is significantly in excess of the current IOG share price. For our part, we at IOG are absolutely focused on ensuring we unlock the significant value within our business for the benefit of all stakeholders.

It is also worth reiterating that IOG has already repaid over £17.1 million (including interest) of the aggregate £34.6 million originally borrowed from LOG and a further £12.5 million of the amount originally borrowed has been converted into equity. This represents a significant return of capital to our lender within a short timeframe and is a direct result of having delivered on our stated plans to fully fund our Core Project."

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