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Block Energy - Operations Update

Block Energy Plc, the exploration and production company focused on the Republic of Georgia, is pleased to announce the completion of drilling at well WR-38Z ("WR-38Z" or "the Well") at its flagship West Rustavi field ("West Rustavi" or "the Field") following the reaching of planned total depth ("TD") and installation of a slotted production liner.

A final TD of 2,634m was reached with the successful drilling of 646m of a highly-deviated, horizontal wellbore section into the Field's primary oil-bearing Middle Eocene formation. Drilling operations were completed with the subsequent installation of a slotted 4½" production liner. Field observations at the wellsite indicate multiple natural fractures, and oil shows were encountered during drilling. Direct measurements of WR-38Z's productivity will be available when the Company's planned well test is complete: Block will provide further guidance on the Well's test results over the coming weeks. 

As the Company announced on 21 October 2019 WR-38Z's design has been informed by valuable data gained through operations at the first West Rustavi well that the Company drilled, the appraisal well WR-16aZ. WR-38Z's design includes the use of swellable packers that guard against possible fluid incursion from formations beyond the targeted Middle Eocene zone.

WR-38Z is the second in the multi-well programme Block is pursuing to realise West Rustavi's oil and gas potential. The Company plans to sidetrack three other wells, and is currently acquiring a 3D seismic survey to provide a comprehensive understanding of West Rustavi's subsurface to facilitate the identification of optimal locations for future drilling.

Paul Haywood, Director of Block Energy, said:

"We're delighted to announce further significant progress in our multi-well campaign with the completion of drilling operations at WR-38Z. We look forward to announcing the test flow rate as soon as we are able to do so."

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