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NEW! Oilman Jim's US Special Trading Course

For all those interested in the OTC and Nasdaq markets, I’ve just published the US version of the Special Trading Course.


There is a lot of money to be made in these micro and small cap markets, but you have to understand what is actually going on, which is rarely what is being said about the companies on message boards and social media.  There are many books and courses on investing and trading, but few, if any, that actually address the realities of these markets.  You simply can not approach them in the way that you might for larger companies, it is a completely different game.  Last year, I wrote a course covering the London market, which was extremely well received with subscribers stating it was the best thing they had ever read about oil companies and small companies.  Now, here is the Wall Street version, focussed on a venue where there is even greater profit potential and in a much faster period of time.


As with the London course, I shall be covering everything you will not read elsewhere, particularly subjects which others either do not understand or even know about, or even if they do, are unwilling to talk about openly, including promotion, financing methods and the various forms of market abuse.  I shall set out exactly how all this works in detail.  Exactly how the insiders make their profits.  And how you can profit too.  I shall explain all the things that no one else will, all the secrets the insiders do not want you to know.  Huge amounts of money can be made if you know how it all really works, and what goes on behind the scenes may be completely different to what you think.  The course will be useful to all trading the micro and small cap markets, not just oil stocks.  I believe most will find it eye-opening. 


I’ve been involved in the markets for a long time.  I bought my first shares in the 1970s and I’ve worked in the financial sector since the early 1980s.  My particular knowledge is of the stock markets and I’ve been actively involved in these, both in the UK and the US for over 40 years from both sides of the fence.  I’ve also had significant involvement in the oil and gas industry along the way, from drilling wells to negotiating farm-outs to majors.  


I think virtually all, even those with significant experience, will find the course extremely useful.  There are 8 parts (1 part a week for 8 weeks, paid weekly) at $19.50 per part and I’m certain you will like it, so for a limited time, you can receive the first part of the trading course for just $1.  Read it, see what you think and if it's not for you, you can cancel with the click of a button and pay nothing further.

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